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DYCP 2021

HYBRID SHOWS 2020-2021


Leap into the Earth was showcased both online and at Hoxton Gallery on the 1st of January 2021 as part of Performing Dawn. The exhibition was curated by Tom Lovelace, to welcome 2021 with optimism, presenting an experimental display of practices positioned between performance, image and the screen. 

Drawing on the tradition of Tantra, the ritual performance explores liminality on both personal and collective level. Accompanied by Finchittida Finch who held my hand along the way, the burial of the life-size ceramic cast of my adolescent body is collected by her benevolent gaze. Our empowering connection was the perfect container to integrate and let go of the spring of my life, to enter a new season of the feminine. 

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The Emperor's New Clothes was commissioned by Power Play Biennale (Singapore) for their 2020 edition Invisible Lines. It was performed live on PowerPlay Instagram, connecting online communities across the globe. 


By revisiting the famous folktale, Clémentine invites the audience to reconnect with their inner child. She will be guiding you through a tantric journey, into the depths of your imagination, to the source of your will power. Tantra comes from Sanskrit tantram which literally means loom. It is about merging mind-body-spirit, about being 'independent' or a person who is their own weaver. It is a sacred philosophy that teaches self-empowerment through transgression.

SHOWREEL 2017-2020

This showreel includes the following projects: 

    - Contagious Hystories (2017), received the Christine Risley Award 2017 and was on exhibit at the Constance Howard Gallery. 

    - Set Me Free (2019), collaboration with Emmanuel Awuni, performed and filmed in Accra, Ghana. 

    - The Core Of My Being Is My Ultimate Truth (2020) was showcased on Solo Show, platform for offsite exhibitions. 


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Lux Film Commission 



Sowing Seeds, Gardening the Mind @Baltic, Gateshead

Entering into the Serpent : Dialoguing with Kali @Decolonise Fest, online


Tantra (n.) From Sanskrit तन्त्र TO STRETCH BEYOND ALL BOUNDARIES

@Sex & Rage Festival, Echo Chambers Covent Garden, London

@Clear Spirit Launch, Set Dalston, London

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