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Performance taking place during the private view of the show _U_ _ S, December 2015, curated in a domestic environment and bringing together artists from Goldsmiths College and Central Saint Martins. 

Metallic and motorised garters

-- with actress Sophia Burtscher 


Digital Video and 3D animation, 02’04’’,sound 

Photoshop manipulations of my grandmother’s felt tip pen drawings, Jeanne Durand - 'outsider' artist incarcerated for being diagnosed with 'schizophrenia'


--with artist Ibiye Camp

Digital Video and finger-printed room, 01’13’’,sound 

Our identity is a fluid concept: an enigma with multiple doors

--- with Fabrice and Ludovic Fouchan

Digital Video and mixed media, 01’56’’, sound 

--- with actor Melchior Carrelet

Webcam video, 01’16’’,sound 

Is mental illness invented from scratch by the patient or by the people judging the other ill?

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