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18 FEB 2016

The exhibition resulted from the exchange of Goldsmiths Fine Art students at the HFBK in Hamburg and presented a set of performances, sculptures, drawings, photographs and video works evolving around the theme of vulnerability. 


Clémentine Bedos, Abigail Brothers, Joe Brown, Rosie Down-Smyth, Pietro Librizzi, Ione Milne, Jennifer Milner, Paolo Mischenko, Nan Moore, Lydia Wood. 

My work SerotOnine [⊙] - stück in loop (2016) reflects on relations between reproduction, conformity / failure and shame. It was presented as a circuit between three elements: a video played in loop, a disentegrated model of a 3D printed molecule of serotonin and its skeletal formula taped on the floor of the venue's entrance. 

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