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POWER PLAY BIENNALE 2020 edition Invisible Line@The Arts House, Singapore

Media Preview 16 - 18 OCT 2020
Digital Festival23 OCT - 8 NOV 2020

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The Emperor's New Clothes was commissioned by Power Play Biennale (Singapore) for their 2020 edition Invisible Lines.

It was performed at the Arts House (Singapore Old Parliament) to a small audience for the Media Preview and live on PowerPlay Instagram, connecting online communities across the globe. 


By revisiting the famous folktale, Clémentine invites the audience to reconnect with their inner child. They will be guiding you through a tantrik journey, into the depths of your imagination, to the source of your will power. Tantra comes from Sanskrit tantram which literally means loom. It is about merging mind-body-spirit, about being 'independent' or a person who is their own weaver. It is a sacred philosophy that teaches self-empowerment through transgression.

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