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curated by Tom Lovelace
@Hoxton Gallery & online 

1st JAN 2021

Performing Dawns was curated by Tom Lovelace, to welcome 2021 with optimism, presenting an experimental display of practices positioned between performance, image and the screen. Discover here


Ibby Azab, Emma Bäcklund, Clémentine Bedos, JJ Chan, Alexandra Davenport, Dawoon Kim, Joshua Leon, Hamish MacPherson, Martha Rosler, Maria Teresa Scarabello

Leap into the Earth (2021) was showcased online alongside a series of photographs at Hoxton Gallery. 

Drawing on the tradition of Tantra, the ritual performance explores liminality on both personal and collective level.

Accompanied by Finchittida Finch who held my hand along the way, the burial of the life-size ceramic cast of my adolescent body is collected by her benevolent gaze. Our empowering connection was the perfect container to integrate and let go of the spring of my life, to enter a new season of the feminine. 

2020 edition Invisible Line
@The Arts House, Singapore

Media Preview 
16 - 18 OCT 2020
Digital Festival

23 OCT - 8 NOV 2020

EXCERPT intro Performance_mixage final.m
00:00 / 07:22

The Emperor's New Clothes was commissioned by Power Play Biennale (Singapore) for their 2020 edition Invisible Lines.

It was performed at the Arts House (Singapore Old Parliament) to a small audience for the Media Preview and live on PowerPlay Instagram, connecting online communities across the globe. 


By revisiting the famous folktale, Clémentine invites the audience to reconnect with their inner child. She will be guiding you through a tantric journey, into the depths of your imagination, to the source of your will power. Tantra comes from Sanskrit tantram which literally means loom. It is about merging mind-body-spirit, about being 'independent' or a person who is their own weaver. It is a sacred philosophy that teaches self-empowerment through transgression.

Without You My Life Would Be Boring 

curated by Thom Bridge

@Assembly Point 

28-29 AUG 2020

Home to artists, designers and architects, the residents of Staffordshire Street Studios are staging a group exhibition for South Bermondsey Art Trail forefronting the community found within the building. The exhibition reflects on the role of collectivity, conversations and communities as well at the importance of supporting one another on the road ahead.


Isabel Castro Jung, Clémentine Bedos, Ruby Dickson, Thom Bridge & Sonja Thomsen, Kim Jakobsen To, Ruaidhri Ryan, Chloë Louise Lawrence , Maisie Maris and Ebb Collective : Lisa Darrer, Claire Pritchard & Rosalind Wilson.

Isabel Castro and Clémentine Bedos performed The Impossible Kiss (2020), one of the twin masks from Isabel Castro Jung's project Covijo-99. The work explores the possibility of human interactions in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beyond the Black Venus (2020)
natural rubber, black pigment, spit, sweat & shoe polisher

The work is the life size UV texture map of my avatar made out of natural rubber. A UV map is the flat representation of the surface of a 3D model used to easily wrap textures. It holds all the different textures my avatar's body will need in the virtual world.


Looking at the violent history of extraction and exploitation of the rubber trade in relation to the fetishisation of blackness, the work explores how the material is repetitively being used in the West during dystopian eras & under hygienist politics. Worn as an artificial second skin or giant condom during the 90's and the aid pandemic, it became an unviolable dress code in queer circles, an aesthetic of resistance. It is now being reused/recycled in the very specific context of the Covid-19 pandemic during the BLM uprisings.


Where Do We Go From Here?

@Harlesden High Street

in Margaret Street, London

25 JULY – 17 OCT 2020

Harlesden Safari Shop Vol.1: Where do we go from here? is an exhibition of an ongoing discussion, exploring the engagement of art away from institutional values and framework. Through this collaborative process, Harlesden Safari Shop, symbolises a space in which complex conversation can occur. We have been exploring how to present and question access to art and the importance of culture in our everyday life.


Emmanuel Awuni, Clémentine Bedos, Ibiye Camp, Farrah Riley Gray and Randa Asma Osman

Great to Chew, Even Better To Share (2020)

Silicone, Nike Air Max 95, bubblegum essential oil, temporary tattoos, 'trophy' digital image collection, greaseproof paper


Commissioned by Harlesden High Street, the work is an interactive installation, resulting from a 2 month residency in their Fritzovia site, on Margaret Street, London. 

SOLO SHOW Chap 4. Rather be your lover 

curated by Harlesden High Street & Underground Flower

Online exhibition

15 JUL 2020

Solo Show started at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic as a platform for artists in isolation and has now established itself as a platform for offsite exhibitions. Chap 4. Rather be your lover was curated by Harlesden High Street & Underground Flower. 


Ayesha Tan-JonesClémentine BedosEmmanuel AwuniDamian GriffithsGiacomo SerpaniJoshua HoppingRanda Asma Osman 

The Core Of My Being Is My Ultimate Reality (2020) is a psycho-magic ritual. Exploring embodied technologies such as Tantra with new media, the work uses the body as an interactive platform, moving energies through physical and digital realms.

To discover the interactive work, click here


curated by Harlesden High Street & Underground Flower

Online exhibition

15 JUL 2020

Eden was curated by Harlesden High Street & Underground Flower and hosted by Sajetta

Dive in Eden, here


Stacie Ant, Clémentine Bedos, Neckar Doll, Chloe Feinberg, Avery Noyes, Ayesha Tan-Jones, Sun Woo, Twee Whistler and Ava Phen with The Estate of Glenn Young

Magnetic Resonance (2020) is part of a new body of work in which I explore erotic arts of consciousness. 

To discover, click here

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