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Non-binary Electro hour by Ray Filar

@Camden People's Theatre (2017)

@Theatre Royal Wakefield & Camden People's Theatre (2018)

A tale of gender fluidity and desire told in electro-punk form. Expect songs, sci-fi, strip-tease, and some spoken word too. This show brings together noise about queer life with a brief punk history of drag outside the boxes – from male impersonators of the music hall era to the gender bending icons of today. This modern-day revue is a gender fucked take on what it’s like to live in-between categories.

Ray Filar is a performer, musician and writer. Their work explores desire around the queer/trans body, genderfuck drag, kink, anarchism and punk, through live art, spoken word and strip-tease. They co-ran and hosted the sell-out trans drag night GIC: Gender Identity Cabaret at The Glory. Performances include Glastonbury Festival, Cologne Art Week, Latitude Festival, the 2016 MAN UP drag king competition final, Glasgow’s Buzzcut Festival, Pride London, LaDIYFest Berlin, David Hoyle’s MegaThursdays, and Brighton Trans Pride.

--with Dex Grodner

Photo by that @an0mie_photo 

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