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Collaboration with Emmanuel Awuni. 

with Ebenezer Nortey


Set along Osu beach in Accra, Ghana, the piece is a rite of passage. The performance was repeated every day at dawn for a week, following Emmanuel Awuni and Clémentine Bedos, their encounter with the sea.

                                                                        la mer

                                                                          la mère


As their bodies immerse themselves in the water, figures drawn and exposed on the fabric of the robe coated with cyanotype chemicals are revealed.

The serendipitous encounter with Ebenezer Nortey turns their experience upside down. 





A.Lorde, A Question of Climate

I learned to be honest

the way I learned to swim

dropped into the inevitable

my father’s thumbs in my hairless armpits

about to give way

I am trying

to surface      carefully


the water’s shadow-legged musk

cannons of salt     exploding

my nostrils’ rage

and for years

my powerful breast stroke

was a declaration of war.

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