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1+1=3 (2015)

Unrecorded and improvised Performance originally taking place @Goldsmiths College 

Harlequin costume - Patchwork made of my grandmother the 'outsider' artist Jeanne Durand's felt-tip pen drawings digitally printed on silk


--with Lisa Sodorowski 

Lisa and I had a conversation beforehand discussing the issue of freedom of speech and multiculturalism in the context of political news, namely the Charlie Hebdo attack. Lisa was given this minimal framework to explore freedom and play within.


'Le monstre courant, tatoué, ambidextre, hermaphrodite et métis, que pourra -t-il nous faire voir, à présent, sous sa peau? Oui la chair et le sang.' 

Michel Serres, Le Tiers-instruit

'The  running monster, tattooed, ambidextrous, hermaphrodite and half-breed, what will he be able to show us now under his skin? Yes flesh and blood.'

Michel Serres, The third educated

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